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Why Are Online Art Auctions Getting More Popular?

Popular art auction houses set up online-only auction platforms or prioritize their online branches; a movement catalyzed by a post-millennial obsession with all things digital.

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5 Auction Types to Consider When Purchasing

We have a blog post we just published that summarizes the value of a particular type of auction: reverse auction. We list 5 benefits including:

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5 reasons to use reverse auctions in 2021

"What's the best deal you can offer me?" This is the heart of the negotiations. Reverse auctions are a tried and tested tool for getting the "best deal".

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Eker Gallery | Online Auction

Everyone is familiar with the word "auction", but the process and details involved are generally unknown to many. Be sure to read this post for daily auction attendees and people who are still new to the industry, the latest news, updates and even training!

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History of Auctions: From Ancient Greece to Online Auctions

Explore the history of auctions, from the first recorded activity in 500 BC to more modern incarnations of online and telephone bidding. The auction process is no longer limited to the here and now. The wave of acceptance and appreciation of the people, the auctions...

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What You Need to Know About Rare Antiques

Antique is an item often collected or desired because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection, and other unique properties. It is an object that represents an earlier period or epoch in human history.

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9 Tips for Hosting a Successful Online Auction

Online auctions don't stop at these uncertain times. Instead, your organization must be prepared to adapt to unforeseen and unexpected conditions that potentially limit fundraising income. With so many moving parts, holding an in-person auction online can be a bit difficult. To help you maximize your online auctions, we've compiled a few tips from our experience with most of these online events.

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Value Guide for No Mintmark Coins

What are the most valuable non-mint coins and how valuable are they? This guide to no mintmark coins explains their rarity and value.

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